1120 NE 10th Ave Brainerd, MN 56401 

Phone: 218-454-6450      Fax: 218-454-6451     Jodi Kennedy, Principal
7:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.
School-specific Drop off and Pick Up information is in the handbook.

*** Tuesday, April 11th Forestview will hold an orientation program for incoming 5th students.***

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This Was Garfield

Historic Garfield

Garfield Maker Space

Maker Space 1st grade

Makerspace 2

Garfield Makerspace 2015

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*REMINDERS for parents and students...*

1. Garfield and Harrison recently joined the ranks of the other elementaries in purchasing books for an online library. Go to the school homepage and click on the purple word (Capstone). This will bring you to a selection of quality books that read themselves to you. Virtually all of them are also AR books and even have the quiz#. 
2. Every child should practice keyboarding during the year. ABCYA.com has several learning activities for keyboarding. 

Above is the information on signing your child up for Garfield's very own STEM class. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I would love to see us fill up with the 24 slots available. Sign up soon!
Thanks, Mr. Tomonovich

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Reading Resources

(Hint, your login and password was sent home on a strip of blue paper.)
(Britannica is a school favorite.)

MN Electronic Database -  A list of Resources paid for by the state of MN